Sunday, March 15, 2009


Kaleb turned 9 on March 1st. I had been asking Kaleb for weeks before his birthday what he wanted to do to celebrate. Last year he had some friends come over and they each got their own aprons and made homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes. They had a sleepover and stayed up late playing and watching movies. To my surprise this year Kaleb didn't want to do anything but have a "family" birthday party. I nagged for the weeks leading up to his birthday with no avail. Kaleb seemed quite content with having family over to eat pizza, brownies and ice cream and to open gifts. Oh well, what's a mom to do?


Spring is on its way and we are looking forward to planting our garden again this year. You can see the pretty pink flowers that are already blooming on our peach tree. We are hoping that we will see more fruit from our trees this year. Who knows, we might be canning like crazy to keep up with the fruit and veggies. I will try to keep you all posted on our garden's progress.